Board of Directors

Sam Gambrah (Chairman)

Mr. Sam Gambrah has over 30 years’ experience with Chevron Corporation, a global Oil and Gas Company, with 15 years in the US Refining Downstream and 15 plus years in Upstream, Nigeria.

He has held several positions of increasing responsibility and managed several multibillion dollar projects in his capacity as Project Manager while working for Chevron Nigeria Ltd (CNL), becoming Director for Nigerian Operations. The Escravos GTL Terminal, & Technician Training School in Nigeria were masterminded by Sam & are regarded by many as the most successful oil/gas projects in West Africa. Today, Sam advises & works closely with several African Governments.

Sam also founded Gamank of Ghana in 2009, to assist the development of Ghana’s oil & gas industries. He has a chemical engineering degree and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Ghana.

As Gamma Group’s founder & leader, Sam Gambrah combines a working lifetime at the highest levels within multinational oil & gas industries, together with leadership of a unique group of international specialists within Gamma Group – whose attributes revolve around the main pivot points of experience, integrity, wisdom & achievement.


Peter Sharper (Executive Director)

Peter Sharper made his early career as a pilot in the Royal Air Force – but later utilising his degree in Biology (York),  he innovated the multinational pharmaceutical industry as an international marketing / technology specialist in the fields of capsules / gelatin & biotech.

In the 1980’s & 1990’s his own companies (Intertec & Interpharm Technologies) became some of the largest turnkey suppliers of pharmaceutical equipment / technology to China’s & the CIS’s massive pharmaceutical industries, & also globally. In joint venture with ICC Chemicals of New York, he also supplied pharmaceuticals globally.

In 2010 Peter advised the Commonwealth Business Council as their Head of Projects & Technology – linking Commonwealth organisations to powerful Chinese State organisations. The need to develop oil & gas businesses in Commonwealth countries as a platform for economic & infrastructure development gave Peter an understanding of the importance of Sam Gambrah’s experience.

Through the unique experience of Sam Gambrah & Peter Sharper, Gamma Group is able to unify the strengths of China (industrial power), CIS (oil & gas), the Middle East (finance),  the UK + Europe (technology), & Africa (opportunity) into a unique capability & service.

The UK is one of the most important financial hubs globally + China, Africa & the CIS are the most significant global frontier markets today. Gamma Group provides an international platform, with a presence & real capability in all of these key areas.